Baker Learning Analytics Prizes

Introduced in a keynote at the 9th International Conference on Learning Analytics and Knowledge, the Baker Learning Analytics Prizes represent a set of six challenges for researchers in learning analytics/educational data mining/artificial intelligence and education, and related fields.

Keynote video

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Talk transcript

The transcript of this talk has now been published as
Baker, R.S. (2019) Challenges for the Future of Educational Data Mining: The Baker Learning Analytics Prizes. Journal of Educational Data Mining, 11 (1), 1-17.

List of problems/challenges

Progress towards solving BLAP challenges

Other materials to follow -- for announcements, follow @BakerEDMLab on twitter

The first researcher or team to succesfully complete each challenge will receive $1.00 USD from Ryan Baker, with matching pledges of a total of $7.00 USD from John Whitmer, Sweet San Pedro, Aleksander Dietrichson, and the Playful Journey Laboratory at MIT. Yes, by simply solving a major scientific challenge, you too could purchase yourself a somewhat nice pair of socks.