Study the emerging field of learning analytics from internationally-recognized experts at one of the top colleges of education on the planet.

Over the last few years, the quantity of data about learning and learners has grown enormously, and with it comes the potential to improve education in ways that were difficult to imagine a few years ago. The fields of learning analytics (LA) and educational data mining (EDM) have emerged in recent years as communities working to answer the question "What do we do with all of this data?"

In this focus, you will learn key LA/EDM methodologies in technical detail, and learn how to apply them to real-world problems. You will learn how to use LA and EDM algorithms and tools appropriately and effectively, and learn about relevant policy, legal, and ethical issues involved in conducting analytics on educational data. Your studies will be integrated with understanding of key theories of cognition and education, preparing you to apply learning analytics methods to make a difference in education.

The skills you learn will prepare you for a range of 21st-century jobs, including working for educational technology companies and startups, educational think-tanks, and in data groups at city and state departments of education. Coursework will involve real-world data in a range of educational domains and applications, while integrating world-class offerings in cognition, educational theory, and statistics and measurement.

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Course Work

Focus Courses (choose four) Core Courses for Cognitive Studies in Education
  • HUDK 4029 Human Cognition and Learning
  • HUDK 4080 Educational psychology
  • HUDK 5023 Cognitive development
Statistics/Research Design
  • HUDM 5122 Applied regression analysis
Research Practicum
  • HUDK 5324 Research work practicum or by permission
Breadth Requirement
  • HUDM 4050 Introduction to measurement
In addition, a minimum of two additional Teachers College courses outside of HUDK are selected in consultation with an advisor. Some potential courses include:
  • HUDM 5123 Linear Models and Experimental Design
  • HUDM 5133 Causal Inference for Program Evaluation
  • HUDM 6051 Psychometric Theory I
  • ITSF 4010 Cultural and social bases of education
  • MSTU 4001 Technology and School Change
  • MSTU 4020 Social and Communicative Aspects of the Internet and other ICTs
  • MSTU 4022 Telecommunications, distance learning, and collaborative interchange
  • MSTU 4036 Hypermedia and education
  • MSTU 4037 Computers and the uses of information in education
  • MSTU 4039 Video games in education
  • MSTU 4052 Computers, problem solving, and cooperative learning
  • MSTU 4083 Instructional design of educational technology
  • MSTU 4085 New technologies for learning
  • MSTU 4133 Cognition and computers
  • MSTU 5001 Assessing the impact of technology in our schools
  • MSTU 5005 Case-based Teaching and Learning in Electronic Environments
  • MSTU 5030 Intelligent computer-assisted instruction
  • MSTU 5035 Technology and Metacognition
  • ORLA 5025 Ecology of data-driven leadership
  • ORLA 6641 Advanced topics in research methods and design