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"There's a certain sense in which people think that data is dehumanizing, and I think data *can* be used in a way that dehumanizes, but I think everything can be dehumanizing. I don't think I would have liked much to have been living in a city in Central Asia during the period when the Mongol Empire was expanding. I don't think I would have liked much being a peasant in medieval Europe.

Systems can be dehumanizing, and systems can be humanizing and recognize and shape people's potential, whether there's modern technologies or not. And I think you can actually see that in the different responses of societies around the world to modern technologies, whether it's a proliferation of exciting new technologies and exciting new possibilities, or whether it's used to monitor and control.

Maybe we have more ability to represent people as data today than we used to, but the human impulses to control and the human impulses to freedom are the same that they've always been." -- me

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